The Narraganset Bay Herreshoff 12 Footer Association

Wind Hill 2009 Results

The Wind Hill race took place on August 23rd.

Expecting similar conditions to last year, Stan and Martie had prepared an alternate course, between Poppaquash and around Dyer Island, see the Notice of Race. All the participants enjoyed the challenge of the new course.

We had a pleasant social hour and brunch at Wind Hill before the race, and started at 1.15pm, when the South Westerley came in.

Many thanks to Stan and Martie Livingston for their kind hospitality.

Position Boat Name Sail Num Skipper & Crew Time
1 Quetenis 11 Shelley Sheldon
Kay Sheldon
Louise Sheldon
2 Remora * 17 David Bush-Brown 2:31 
3 Fish Hawk 22 Shawen Williams
Hope MacKeith
4 Pooka 582 Luke Rian
Bridget McCoy

* The Wind Hill Trophy was won by Remora.

Shel Sheldon writes ...

Well, at the Wind Hill Regatta yesterday, Quetenis, with me at the helm and Louise and Kay urging her on, took line honors, with the prize going to Remora, the Livingston's/Nicholson's venerable Herreshoff 12-and-a-half skippered singlehandedly by David Bush-Brown, son-in-law of Marty and Stan Livingston. They hosted race participants at a beautiful Sunday brunch before the race on the terrace of Wind Hill, with an unobstructed view of the East Passage, and the filling southerly following the rapid and welcome vamoose of Hurricane Bill.

In a departure from the norm, the course was around Dyer Island, an islet in about the same latitude as Prudence's southern end, and then up to the Poppasquash bell, or vice versa (i.e. circumnavigating Dyer and Hog islands), if you chose to sail that way. (We did, David didn't.) The delta was about 15 seconds. It's always exciting when two yachts meet at the finish line, having followed different tracks around the course.

The race began at 1315 on a strong ebb and the breeze quickly freshened. Remora and Pooka headed East to the bridge to ride the current out of Mount Hope Bay, while Quetenis and Fish Hawk headed West to round Poppasquash bell and enter the main channel down the Bay. All four yachts found fast water and Dyer quickly rose on the horizon. On Quetenis, we first discerned the eastern fleet and two mere specks on the Portsmouth shore, but the Witch of Saunderstown went to work, and the hapless ones loomed bigger with each tack. It was fast, wet and wild. Remora, with new, better fitting sails, had opened a substantial lead and led at the windward mark. Quetenis followed, having dispatched Pooka on the last tack. Then we threaded the narrow channel inside Dyer, strewn with menacing rocks.

Only Remora remained, and while she had half-mile lead, she still had to go to Poppaquash, while Quetenis had the finish line in her sights. David got Remora's spinnaker flying and Quetenis hoisted hers, only to have the halyard shackle break. The skipper grabbed the last of the chute before it disappeared under the bow and hoisted it again on the jib halyard. After a few jibes we were on port tack crossing the shoal at the Hog Island Light at slack water and the finish line was a few hundred yards away. At the same moment, Remora emerged from behind Hog Island reaching toward the line on starboard, but Quetenis had the edge. Unfortunately, her skipper misread the race instructions and crossed the line in the wrong direction, with Remora finishing before Quetenis, hampered by the lack of an available jib halyard, could cross again. Another dramatic and wonderful Wind Hill Regatta.